Motor Vehicle Stop Leads to Police Chase in Union Township

Eluding & Handgun Charges Result from Routine Traffic Stop

What started out as a routine traffic stop in Union Township by a New Jersey State Trooper ends with the suspect totaling his vehicle several miles from where the initial stop occurred. According to, the suspect, a forty-two year old male from York, Pennsylvania, was originally pulled over a routine motor vehicle violation on Route 78 East near milepost 11.4. It was at this point that the trooper released the suspect had an active warrant for a parole violation out of New York. Although it is unclear at this point what exactly occurred next, but before the trooper could take the suspect into custody he fled the scene. However, he only got two miles down the road prior to crashing his vehicle. Following the crash, the trooper was able to apprehend the suspect and formally take him into custody. He was originally taken to Morristown Medical Center so that he could be treated for minor injuries before being transported to the County Jail. To make matters worse, following a search incident to arrest the troopers discovered that the suspect was also in possession of two handguns as well as marijuana. He was formally charged with several traffic violations, two counts of unlawful possession of a weaponeludingpossession of marijuana and obstruction of law.

How Serious are Gun Charge in Hunterdon County?

Based on the nature of the charges it is more likely than not the suspect will be facing what is known as a Detention Hearing for the criminal charges that he is facing in Hunterdon County. At the detention hearing it will be up to the Judge to determine whether or not the suspect will be detained in the County Jail, without bail, pending trial or released on pretrial release. Despite the outcome of that hearing, the suspect will most likely be held on a detainer for the parole violation in New York. The most serious charges that the suspect will be facing is the two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. These are considered second degree felony offenses in New Jersey. This offenses also falls under what is known as the Graves Act. The Graves Act creates extremely harsh penalties for anyone who is found guilty or pleads guilty to one of its enumerated offenses. Even for a first time offender, the lowest plea offer an individual could receive is five years in a New Jersey State Prison with a forty-two month parole ineligibility period. With that being said, it is possible to obtain Graves Act Waivers, which in essence helps reduce not only the parole ineligibility period but the overall term of incarceration as well.  For more information on the Graves Act in Hunterdon County, please click the link.

Facing Gun Charge in Hunterdon County

As you can see from reading above, New Jersey takes gun charges very seriously. In fact, it is no secret that New Jersey has some of the toughest guns laws in the entire Country. If you or a loved one has been charged with a gun offenses in Hunterdon County, in towns like Union Township, Clinton Township, East Amwell, Flemington, Raritan, Readington and Lambertville, the Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Our attorneys have been able to secure countless graves act waivers for client’s in counties throughout the State. If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation today please contact our office at 908.533.1064 or you can try contacting us online.

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