Legal Challenges and Defenses in Synthetic Drug Cases in New Jersey

Synthetic drugs have flooded into New Jersey in recent years. Synthetic drugs take advantage of legal loopholes and gray areas. However, due to a string of high-profile medical emergencies connected with synthetic drugs, state officials have sought to crack down … Continue reading

The Economic Impact of Wire Fraud on Businesses

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There are real-life consequences for identity theft associated with social media accounts. A criminal defense attorney who accepts identity theft cases can build a defense for you if you face identity theft charges or upcoming legal action. Here is an … Continue reading

In the digital era, most child exploitation cases in New Jersey involve alleged offenders viewing or distributing illegal materials through the internet. In turn, law enforcement officials have increasingly relied on digital forensics to find these materials and track who … Continue reading

Facing wire fraud charges in New Jersey is a serious matter. Federal and state law enforcement agencies prosecute wire fraud schemes aggressively. On conviction, penalties can include substantial fines and up to 20 years in federal prison. If a scheme … Continue reading

Fingerprints, voice analysis, iris patterns, and other biological features specific to one person offer more security than traditional PINs or passwords. But like any security system, biometric security has flaws, and people have found ways to exploit these flaws to … Continue reading

Child pornography, also referred to as child sexual abuse material (CSAM), has exploded with the advent of the digital age. From using the dark web to access photos, videos, and other media to distributing images online, it’s easier than ever … Continue reading

If you face identity theft criminal charges in New Jersey, you may wonder, is identity theft a felony? Depending on the specifics of a case, identity theft is an indictable offense in New Jersey – similar to a felony in other states. That … Continue reading

Navigating the Complexities of Identity Fraud Involving Juveniles

Rates of identity fraud have increased in recent years as people move more of their lives online. What is identity fraud? Identity fraud occurs when a person assumes someone else’s identity or adopts a false identity to obtain a benefit … Continue reading