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Juvenile Court Process Freehold NJ

The Process of a New Jersey Juvenile Delinquency Case Emotions always run wild when a loved one is charged with a criminal offense but when that loved one is a juvenile, the emotions can be overwhelming. Once a juvenile is … Continue reading

What is the Sentence for First Degree Felony in NJ

How Serious is a First Degree Charge in NJ? New Jersey breaks down criminal offenses into two main categories: indictable offenses (felony) and disorderly persons offenses (misdemeanor). They further breakdown indictable offenses into four different degrees: first, second, third and fourth degree. The type of charge … Continue reading

Where do I go to court for a criminal case in Somerset

Trying to determine whether you need to appear in Superior Court or Municipal Court for an arrest in Somerset County can be confusing and at times, overwhelming. Have you been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Somerset or … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s criminal justice system can be complex at times. Just trying to figure out what court will have jurisdiction in your case can be overwhelming to say the least. Basically there are three different courts that could have jurisdiction … Continue reading