Year: 2023

Facing wire fraud charges in New Jersey is a serious matter. Federal and state law enforcement agencies prosecute wire fraud schemes aggressively. On conviction, penalties can include substantial fines and up to 20 years in federal prison. If a scheme … Continue reading

Fingerprints, voice analysis, iris patterns, and other biological features specific to one person offer more security than traditional PINs or passwords. But like any security system, biometric security has flaws, and people have found ways to exploit these flaws to … Continue reading

Child pornography, also referred to as child sexual abuse material (CSAM), has exploded with the advent of the digital age. From using the dark web to access photos, videos, and other media to distributing images online, it’s easier than ever … Continue reading

If you face identity theft criminal charges in New Jersey, you may wonder, is identity theft a felony? Depending on the specifics of a case, identity theft is an indictable offense in New Jersey – similar to a felony in other states. That … Continue reading

Navigating the Complexities of Identity Fraud Involving Juveniles

Rates of identity fraud have increased in recent years as people move more of their lives online. What is identity fraud? Identity fraud occurs when a person assumes someone else’s identity or adopts a false identity to obtain a benefit … Continue reading

If you’re facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer with experience, knowledge, compassion, and skill to navigate the criminal justice system. Your choice of criminal defense lawyer may be one of the most crucial decisions you make in your case. … Continue reading

People facing child pornography charges should understand the difference between federal and state charges and the implications of facing prosecution in state court versus federal court.   Federal Child Pornography Law Child pornography charges under federal law fall under the … Continue reading

Indicted on Criminal Charges in New Jersey

When you’re indicted on criminal charges in New Jersey, it’s a moment filled with worry, fear, and uncertainty. Many convictions carry long incarceration terms and hefty fines, and you may feel concerned about what the indictment means for your immediate … Continue reading

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Being charged with a third-degree felony in New Jersey can be an emotionally overwhelming experience filled with panic, fear, and uncertainty.  The experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law understand the gravity of your situation. We … Continue reading

What Is Wire Fraud Conspiracy

Facing federal wire fraud conspiracy charges can be daunting. A conviction may result in fines, lengthy incarceration sentences, and other severe penalties. If you have recently been charged with wire fraud conspiracy or believe the government might soon bring such … Continue reading