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What is verbal abuse

Relationships can be difficult. Heated arguments and disagreements between partners are inevitable. However, when these arguments give way to verbal abuse, they may have crossed the line into a criminal offense. So can domestic violence be verbal in New Jersey? … Continue reading

verbal intimidation

Arguments among spouses, partners, or family members are not uncommon. When things get heated, sometimes people make unpleasant or hurtful comments they don’t mean. However, these comments can be verbal abuse when these arguments happen repeatedly. Severe cases of verbal … Continue reading

dismiss restraining order

Order of Protection Vacated in Freehold NJ Earlier this week, Keith G. Oliver, of Keith Oliver Criminal Law was able to secure the removal of a Final Restraining Order that was imposed against one of his clients back in 2016 in … Continue reading


Weapons Forfeiture Hearing Defense Lawyers Get Clients Guns Back in Freehold NJ After more than a six month long battle, Keith Oliver Criminal Law was able to secure the return of our client’s weapons and firearms identification card in Monmouth … Continue reading

Facing Strangulation Charges in Somerset County

Facing a Strangulation Charge in Somerset County Domestic violence is by far one of the more underreported crimes in the Country and New Jersey is no exception. They also tend to be some of the more difficult type of cases … Continue reading

strangulation charges

Accused of Strangulation in Monmouth County Over the last decade, domestic violence allegations as a whole have been the center of a lot of attention of the legislature in New Jersey. Regardless of whether the allegations were of an assault, stalking, harassment, cyber-harassment or terroristic … Continue reading

How Serious are Restraining Orders in NJ

What You Need to Know about Temporary and Final Restraining Orders Being served with a temporary restraining order is not something to take lightly in New Jersey. All too often we hear from prospective client’s “I could careless if a Final Restraining … Continue reading

Need Lawyer to Dismiss TRO in Ewing NJ

Keith Oliver Criminal Law was able to secure a dismissal of a temporary restraining order (TRO) after a two day trial in Mercer County for their client who was accused of sexual assaulting the alleged victim in her dorm room … Continue reading

North Plainfield NJ Restraining Order Lawyers

Need Local Restraining Order Lawyer in North Plainfield NJ Keith Oliver Criminal Law was able to help a victim of domestic violence secure a Final Restraining Order in Somerset County last week. We were first contacted by the victim, who is … Continue reading

gavel and legal books

Can Anyone Obtain a Restraining Order in NJ? No, in order to be able to obtain a temporary restraining order in Monmouth County, the “victim” in the matter, which is more commonly referred to as the “plaintiff”, must satisfy two … Continue reading