Is Verbal Abuse Considered Domestic Violence?

Relationships can be difficult. Heated arguments and disagreements between partners are inevitable. However, when these arguments give way to verbal abuse, they may have crossed the line into a criminal offense.

So can domestic violence be verbal in New Jersey? To learn more, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law now for a free consultation.

What Is Domestic Violence?

New Jersey defines domestic violence as a systematic pattern of physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse used as a means of control over a domestic partner. A domestic partner can be a current or former spouse, co-habitant, dating partner, or co-parent.

What Is Verbal Abuse?

Verbal abuse is the use of words to assault, demean, humiliate, or degrade a domestic partner. While verbal abuse can involve yelling, name-calling, and put-downs, some forms of verbal abuse are more subtle and harder to recognize. Ridiculing, criticizing, accusing, and gaslighting a domestic partner can also constitute verbal abuse, depending on the circumstances.

Is Verbal Abuse Considered Domestic Violence?

In New Jersey, verbal abuse can potentially be a form of domestic violence. Verbal abuse may fall under the umbrella of harassment or terroristic threats established by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991.

According to the New Jersey Code, a person who “commits any crime of violence with the purpose to terrorize another” or “threatens to kill another with the purpose to put him in imminent fear of death” can be charged with a third-degree crime. This comes with a prison sentence of between three and five years and a fine of up to $15,000.

How Can a Domestic Battery Lawyer in New Jersey Help You?

Being charged with any form of domestic violence can hurt your personal and professional reputation. The consequences of a conviction can be even worse, including substantial fines and even jail time. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need the help of an experienced New Jersey domestic battery lawyer immediately.

A lawyer will start by reviewing your situation and making sure your rights are respected by law enforcement and prosecutors. They will then build a strategic defense plan based on the facts of your case. This plan may include gathering evidence and witness statements and uncovering potential procedural errors made by police or prosecutors.

A good attorney should also communicate with you about your case and what to expect. Dealing with the criminal justice system is frightening enough. Your attorney needs to make communication a priority. You need to be kept in the loop and know what’s ahead.

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