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Local Lawyer Near Hightstown for Assault Charge

Whether you have been arrested and charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer or served with a temporary restraining order based on a domestic violence assault incident in Hightstown, we strongly urge that you speak … Continue reading

Local Readington NJ Assault Lawyer

Need a Lawyer for an Assault Charged in Readington? Assault charges are still one of the most common criminal offenses issued in New Jersey, especially those that are classified as domestic violence (i.e. involving loved ones). Arguments are going to … Continue reading

Need Local Attorney in Princeton for Simple Assault Charge

It has been reported that Princeton University’s all start basketball player was arrested following an incident at the local Wawa earlier this week. It appears that the incident started when the Defendant, a twenty-two year old male, got into a … Continue reading

Need Local Lawyer in Mercer County for Aggravated Assault Charge

When it comes to defending an assault charge in New Jersey it is important to determine first whether the charge is for a simple assault or aggravated assault. The difference between the two will not only indicate what court has … Continue reading

Need Local Assault by Auto Attorney in Mercer County NJ

Tragedy has struck The College of New Jersey this week. According to the reports, a serious motor vehicle accident occurred during the early morning hours of Sunday in Ewing Township. It appears that the Defendant, a twenty-two year old from … Continue reading

Facing Assault Charge in Hamilton NJ

Keith Oliver Criminal Law was able to secure yet another dismissal of serious felony charges for one of their clients. This time, our client was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in the third degree and theft of moveable property in the third degree following … Continue reading

Mercer County NJ Domestic Violence Attorneys

A City man was arrested and charged with second degree aggravated assault charges following what authorities are a calling a domestic dispute. Trenton Man Facing Domestic Violence Aggravated Assault Charges Officers from the City of Trenton were dispatched to a home on … Continue reading

Assault Lawyer in Trenton NJ

A Trenton man who was attempting to seek information on restraining orders, loses his cool and attempts to attack a State employee in Mercer County. City Man Facing Assault & Obstruction Charges The incident took place on February 20, 2018, on the second floor … Continue reading

Hamilton NJ Simple Assault Lawyers

Mr. Oliver, one of the founding partners at Keith Oliver Criminal Law, just resolved a case for one of their clients that originated from an incident that occurred in June of 2016. The incident involved a physical altercation between their … Continue reading

The Trenton Police Department has arrested and charged a twenty-three year old women with among other things, unlawful possession of a weapon. The Trenton Police department was initially called to the 100 Block of Eisenhower Ave on a report of … Continue reading