“Keith did a terrific job for a client of mine. I would highly recommend him.”

- Past Client

“Got a ticket for running a red light. Keith was able to have it reduced from a fine w points to a small fine and I didn’t need to appear in court! Thanks Keith!”

Michael - Past Client

“After she had got charged by the court, she was looking for someone, who could have advised her rights to prove the defendant’s innocence.

As my point of viewing her matter, I think that Mr. Oliver handled her difficult situation with lots of respectful creativity. I believe that being a good defense lawyer isn’t just knowing the practical knowledge of the law, but, also he could analyze and solve his client problem in logically with his creativity out of the law books as being a good moral man. It is one of the useful skills that Mr. Oliver displayed his qualities in his area.

In my conclusion, being a good defense lawyer is more about how to communicate with his client, how to judge a situation and reach out the limited information for solving a problem quickly in a logical way than just getting straight A ’s from a law school because the law changes all the time.”

- Past Client

“I would recommend Keith to anyone. Not only is he a great lawyer but a great all-around person. He made a very hard situation a lot easier to deal with.”

Mike - Past Client

“He was always available at any time I had a question, very nice guy felt at ease once he took my case I would definitely recommend him.”

Darwin - Past Client

“Keith did a great job representing my case at trial, but helped long after when I needed help understanding matters. He always listens and his calm demeanor is a great comfort.”

Kenn - Past Client

“Keith was such a great help, both for myself and my parents. My parents have dealt with attorneys for their challenges and they were impressed by all the attention he provided in garnering a positive outcome. He is very bright, great at preparing you as a client, and comforting. Keith is always so responsive, which is rare. I highly recommend him.”

- Past Client

“I had the pleasure to have Keith represent me. He made sure we get the best possible outcome. During the court session, he confronted a senior Judge and Keith didn’t get intimidated arguing a legal point when it came to having an outcome in my favor. Highly recommended and he will dedicate all his attention to your case and needs.”

Emad - Past Client

“As I presented my case to Keith Oliver, he consulted me with options for best resolution. Mr. Oliver keep in contact with me regarding all correspondences on my case, and consulting me with decisions. At time of court Mr. Oliver was present and with his expertise settled the case in my best interest quickly and accurately. I would recommend Mr. Oliver highly.”

- Past Client

“Never have I thought I would find myself facing criminal charges. Being dragged by awful circumstances to dealing with the ugly side of the law, having a rock such as Keith was the best choice I have made. Throughout this agonizing process, he has made me aware of every step and potential outcome. Keith made me feel comfortable and was patient with all my questions and concerns. Imfirthemore in like your typical lawyer Keith was available 24/7. Whether via calls/text/emails, he was always quick to response which I found to be reassuring. I’m glad to say that everything played out the way he predicted and life can now go on its normal course.”

- Past Client