“Sharp Lawyer…charges were dropped!”

Caren - Past Client

“Very nice guy. Was extremely helpful throughout the process and provided great legal insights.”

- Past Client

“When I found myself facing a serious charge, my family and I searched online for an attorney we thought could effectively represent me. After speaking with several attorneys including Mr. Oliver, we all agreed on Mr. Oliver as we felt very comfortable with his initial evaluation and recommendations on how to proceed on my behalf. He took immediate action and had my initial court appearance, scheduled for the next day, postponed until we could sit down and come up with a plan on how to proceed. Mr. Oliver is very intelligent and experienced. He is a former prosecutor which I felt was to my advantage as he knows the “ropes” on both sides. He made me feel confident from the start that I would be in good hands. Mr. Oliver was able to obtain the best possible outcome for my case. He kept me informed every step of the way during the one year it took for my case to be resolved. Many thanks to this fine young attorney!”

- Past Client

“Keith G. Oliver was my lawyer for charges I had from a late New Years Eve. Contacted him and within around 15 minutes he got back to me. After consultations with plenty of lawyers I instantly knew he was the one I was going to stick with. He did the same in return, he had answers to everyone of my questions, he was always available to call as well. If not he returned the call litckity split. My case was delayed due to a couple different issues with the court system. Keith was at everyone of my court dates with solutions to problems I was facing. All around he is an awesome dude. My case was a little over a year long from start to finish and he was more than helpful the whole time. Really puts your mind at ease, just ask a question and he gives you a soothing answer. He fought the law, but this time the law didn’t win. He’s definitely a “let’s get this taken care of” type of guy. Law office team backing him up is more than helpful as well. I’ll definitely shake his hand for hard work and great effort. More than pleased with the outcome. Glad I chose him to represent me. He will have your back through everything.”

Edward - Past Client

“Where to begin… Keith Oliver is an Amazing Attorney! My Company had a legal issue in the State of New Jersey that by all accounts should have been a civil matter.

Unfortunately, it was accepted as a criminal case that I personally could have been responsible for. With the help of Keith and his Law Firm, charges were dismissed and we only received what amounted to, as a fine. Keith Oliver is personable, professional and dedicated to winning each and every case he represents. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Keith is there for you.

I Highly Recommend Attorney Keith Oliver.”

- Past Client

“I was in a bind, and he got me off from what could have been something a bit nasty, to a $127.00 fine. It would be foolish to pass up Keith as a legal representative.”

Will - Past Client

“Keith represented us over a two year period. He explained what was going to happen and made it happen in the court room. In several appearances ,my observations, Keith was given a respected presences by prosciuttos and judges. He was not just another attorney. He has a great support team to back him . Don’t hesitate to use his services.”

Bob - Past Client

“Keith Oliver is an outstanding Attorney.

I was facing charges that I received on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving – I called up Mr. Oliver, having never met him before , on that night at 8:30PM. He called me back within 2 minutes of me leaving his service a message on a Tuesday of a holiday week night and this is representative of his work ethic. He always called me back or emailed me back during the 9 months that it took for the final resolution of my case.

While never having any prior criminal legal issues in my life I was definitely in shock with my situation, however, I feel very fortunate to have hired Mr. Oliver to defend me and could not recommend him any stronger.

Based on the final outcome of my case you are getting a true professional who knows his way around a court room and the legal system. Mr. Oliver put in a ton of hours behind the scenes and in my case, I believe that hard work and legal acumen is what led to the outcome that we had hoped for.

Once again, if you ever find yourself needing a criminal attorney I strongly recommend hiring Keith Oliver as someone who will work extremely hard , have all your best interests at heart and most importantly get the best possible results for you!”

- Past Client

“I don’t know where to begin. One Sunday our nephew came to us upset and frightened. He had made a bad decision while in NJ with friends and was in trouble. It seemed that he was going to be made an example of in the system and he had no idea what he had gotten himself into. He had just turned 18 and was scared to death and so were we. It was 8:30pm when after researching lawyers on line I called Keith Oliver. I left a message and thought I would get a call the next day or so – really – in 15 minutes my phone rang and it was Keith Oliver. He talked to me for 45 minutes and told me what he would need. He took notes and by mid-day Monday it began. He contacted and worked with the right people to take this mistake from Superior Court to Municipal Court. He saved our nephew’s future. We are going to court and have no doubt of his ability. He keeps in contact with me – has a plan for our nephew’s future. He is forthright, honest and direct. There are no games with this man. He knows what he is doing and gets right to it. His office staff – Karen & Samantha – are wonderful. They take your calls, answer your questions and get back to you promptly. We made the right choice with Keith – he is giving our nephew a new start and a quick education in decision making!!! Thank you Keith – you have been a true God send. We are so grateful!!!”

Karen - Past Client

“Keith is excellent. I needed his advice and he was there all the time.“

Mirka - Past Client