“Sometimes you make a stupid mistake – I did – and you find you need a lawyer. I never, ever thought this would happen to me. He was understanding and supportive. He calmed me down and prepared a defense. He offered me options but supported my decisions. At the end of the day, he got me the best result. I appreciated everything he did for me.”

- Past Client

“My son was looking at 6 months in jail and or 12 months probation. Keith had all the charges dropped and my son walked out of court in 20 minutes! Professional, knows the law, caring, great follow up. I highly recommend Keith Oliver.”

Tony - Past Client

“Keith Oliver and his partner is absolutely the best lawyer you could ever want to represent you. I had a really tough case and the outcome was above my expectation. A real professional and first class law firm.”

Ken - Past Client

“First and professionally most important…he represents the beauty of the American judicial system. Personally he wakes up at 4 am gets his day started and makes this country the best on Earth.

The first thing that will immediately become apparent is that he cares for you as a human being. I know…a lawyer…that cares for YOU?!!!!!! Mind blown.

Secondly and the most important..is that his knows not only the “books”, but the nature of human beings in various situations. That is what stood out to me…the unspoken nature of emotional intelligence that he possesses. I could easily accept whatever outcome because I knew he not only tried his best….but that he is not going to accept a loss.

I had false charges of domestic violence filed against me, Had my weapons removed….you know the typical situation. The case ended with the judge essentially calling the plaintiff a liar.

Also……while watching my own arrest……Keith leaned over and whispered nice legs(no homo)…he thought about how his clients typically have apprehension during stressful situations and sought to diffuse it.

Hire Keith “KO” Oliver. Even the plaintiff admitted later he was better than her lawyers. He even gives you final advice. He will be my lawyer in New Jersey until I die. Period.”

Carlos - Past Client

“Not only is Keith hardworking, persistent, and dedicated, but he is also personable. In other words, Keith is not just doing his job; he sincerely cares for his clients and strives to do what is in their best interests. In my case, I was involved in a situation that I shouldn’t have been involved with. It turns out thereafter that I commenced the pursuit of a career in an industry with very stringent requirements as far as the law is concerned. To come to the realization that I could be barred from the industry if the outcome of my case didn’t go well was as much as an eye-opener as it was upsetting. The whole process of my case was lengthy and burdensome but Keith stuck with me and my case. He was always available to address my questions and concerns. As it turns out I got an outcome better much than I had expected. The judge even conceded herself that Keith had done a remarkable job. One mistake can not only impede your progress but can ruin your life. That could have been the case with me but it wasn’t. In other words, Keith saved my life :)”

Mike - Past Client

“Keith represented me twice and he has been nothing but amazing. Both times he made sure there was nothing to worry about. The utmost professional attitude with a dash of he got your back feeling. The man is an amazing lawyer and I would advise EVERYONE who seeks an attorney to have him represent you. If I ever have another a problem when it comes to the courtroom I would gladly have him represent me again. He is a lawyer plus a magician because he literally works magic when it comes to the law. Thank you again Keith!!”

Arsen - Past Client

“I had numerous pending charges from various counties, and Keith was able to roll all of them into one plea deal. The man did an outstanding job of returning my calls as well as being available to my family about answering any questions. He had all hands on deck and made sure that all my requests were met given my cooperation… I would recommend him to any one of my friends and associates.”

Danny - Past Client

“After a bitter domestic breakup, my ex filed a temporary restraining order to obtain some personal belongings left in my home. Out of concern for the potential impact to my career and reputation, I searched online for the right representation and found Keith Oliver. From the initial conversation, Mr. Oliver listened intently to my concerns and provided me with multiple options. I elected to retain Mr. Oliver as counsel as he put me at ease immediately with his knowledge of the process. Needlessly to say, Keith’s legal knowledge and personal insight into human behavior resulted in a vacated TRO within days. His due diligence, knowledge and concern were integral in helping me during a stressful time. Highly recommend.”

Roxanne - Past Client

“Few years ago Mr. Oliver helped dismissed the charges against me. They record was later on expunged. This week I have called him for consultation about a different issue. He responded the same day and spent long time on the phone with me explaining me about my options. He shared his extensive experience and directed me to the right course of action. I strongly recommend him.”

- Past Client

“Although one of us is an active lawyer herself, we needed an attorney familiar with the Bergen County court system to represent our 20 year-old son on a minor (and stupid) marijuana possession charge. After an extensive review of northern NJ attorneys, Keith’s credentials for our needs stood out; his background and accumulated experience were most impressive. After retaining him, we soon knew we had made the correct choice. Not only did we find him to be thorough in all ways, but he was generous with his time (with both us and our son) for consultation and strategy conferences, never making any of us ever feel as if he was rushed…even though we knew we were consuming a lot of his time for our “set fee” financial arrangement. His goal was only to do what was best for our son, while at the same time realizing the gross procedural errors made by the police in arresting him. Keith’s courtroom instincts always seemed right on target, and there was never even a hint of “showboating.” We would have written this same review even if he had fallen short of the ideal outcome of getting the charges dismissed…but we are particularly grateful that he was able to. We recommend him unequivocally.”

Steve and Tracy - Past Client