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Although the once main stream drug known as ecstasy has seemed to have disappeared in New Jersey, its counterpart, Molly has been on the rise for years now. Especially in the night clubs throughout Monmouth County, DJAIS, Headliner, Osprey and Porta.  Molly is in essence pure MDMA which is also the main ingredient in ecstasy. As such, anyone caught possessing Molly will be charged with a third degree felony offense. With the drug epidemic that has been sweeping through New Jersey for the better part of the last decade, it should be no surprise to hear that these types of charges are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you have been arrested and charged with the possession of heroin, the possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, the possession of Molly or any other drug offense for that matter in Monmouth County it essential that you get in contact with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. These are all very serious charges and they should not be taken lightly. If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Monmouth County criminal defense attorneys then please contact us at 732-858-6959.

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The Monmouth County criminal defense lawyers at Keith Oliver Criminal Law defend clients accused of crimes in courts throughout Monmouth County, including in towns like Holmdel, HowellBelmar, Hazlet, MiddletownFreehold, Asbury Park, Manalapan, Marlboro and Ocean Township. We will use our experience in order to aggressively challenge the evidence presented against you in order to achieve a favorable outcome. If you would like to come into our Middletown office for an initial consultation then please contact us at 732-858-6959. Our initial consultations are free of costs. So if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us. Do not let a simple lapse in judgement ruin your future.

What to Know about MDMA Charges in NJ

Molly, which is in essence one of the purest forms of MDMA has become a very popular drug among the club goers in Monmouth County. The number of molly arrests seems to always be on the rise year in and year out in Monmouth County. Whether you have been arrested for the possession of ecstasy or molly, the Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Provided the quantity of the drug is less than 1/2 ounce the Defendant will be charged with a third degree felony offense. If convicted, a Defendant would be facing up to five years in a prison, a fine up to $35,000, a felony drug conviction, community service, probation, court mandated drug treatment and a six month loss of license. With that being said, if the Defendant is alleged to be possessing more than a gram, they will most likely be charged with the possessing of Molly with the intent to distribute. For more information on MDMA distribution charges, please see below.

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If you have been arrested and charged with distributing MDMA / Molly / Ecstasy in New Jersey you will be facing either a first, second or third degree felony offense. The degree of the felony that the individual is facing will depend directly on the quantity of the drug in question. Here is a helpful chart that will explain not only the difference between the degrees but also what the potential penalties will be.

Degree Quantity Penalties
1st Degree Greater than 5 Ounces
  • 20 Years in Prison
  • $200,000 Fine
  • Felony Drug Conviction
2nd Degree Greater than ½ Ounce but Less than 5 Ounces
  • 10 Years in Prison
  • $150,000 Fine
  • Felony Drug Conviction
3rd Degree Less than ½ Ounce
  • 5 Years in Prison
  • $35,000 Fine
  • Felony Drug Conviction


Ways to Challenge a MDMA Charge in Court

Almost every single drug charge will involve some form of a search. Some of the most common searches that we see that lead to a drug arrest include: a motor vehicle search stemming from on a routine traffic stop; a search of your persons incident to an arrest for a separate offense; a pat down based on a need for officers “safety” concerns (Terry Stop & Frisk).Regardless of the basis behind the search, there are always arguments that can be made during a Motion to Suppress. If you are successful during a motion to suppress there is good chance that it could be a fatal blow to the prosecutions case. If the individual made an inculpatory statement that lead to the basis for the underlying search that uncovered the drugs, a Miranda Motion could be another way to challenge the charges. Depending on the specific facts, a successful Miranda motion could also be a fatal blow to the prosecutions case. These are just a couple of the ways to challenge an MDMA case in Monmouth County.

MDMA Charges are Considered Felony Offenses in New Jersey

Almost every drug offense in New Jersey will be considered an indictable offense, which is New Jersey’s version of a felony and MDMA is no exception. All MDMA cases, whether it be for a possession or a possession with intent charge, it will be transferred from the local municipal court to the Monmouth County Superior Court, which is located in Freehold. Depending on the facts surrounding the charges, it could be possible to seek to convince the prosecution to downgraded the charges and remand them back to the local municipal court for disposition. If that is to occur, the charges will also need to be downgraded from an indictable offense to a disorderly persons offense, which is considered a misdemeanor.

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Being charged with a criminal offense can be scary and not knowing where to turn or who to trust can be unsettling. But we believe that hiring the right attorney, one who knows not only the criminal justice system but who is familiar with specific courts can go a long way to alleviating some of those feelings. At Keith Oliver Criminal Law, we are well aware that no two cases let alone no two clients are the same. As such, we are dedicated to adapting our representation to fulfill your needs. Whether that be a trial, a suppression hearing or negotiating a favorable plea agreement. If you have been arrested and charged with the possession of marijuana, the possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, the possession of prescription drugs or the distribution of marijuana, we can help. Our attorneys serve all of Monmouth County, including towns like AberdeenMatawan, Keyport, Union Beach, Lake Como, Wall Township, Upper Freehold, Middletown and Long Branch. If you would like to discuss your options with one of our criminal defense attorneys then please contact us at 732-858-6959.