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In New Jersey, the term “theft” can encompass many different specific crimes, from burglary and robbery to identity theft and fraud. If you are facing charges for stealing in New Jersey, the type of charge will determine which penalties a … Continue reading

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Are you looking for options to clear your criminal record? Expungements and pardons are two different post-conviction processes that may help someone convicted of an offense regain their rights and avoid the discrimination that often comes with a criminal record. … Continue reading

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Even if you are arrested for a felony, called an indictable offense in New Jersey, you may not end up being formally charged with the crime. First, your case must go before the grand jury. The grand jury is a panel … Continue reading

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You might not be immediately aware if you are being investigated for a crime since there’s no list or database to check. However, other signs might suggest you are being investigated for a crime. The criminal defense attorneys at Keith … Continue reading


A statute of limitations sets a time limit for the government to file criminal charges. This law protects defendants from unfair and unreasonable prosecutions when evidence in a case has disappeared or deteriorated. A case against a defendant may be … Continue reading

What is verbal abuse

Relationships can be difficult. Heated arguments and disagreements between partners are inevitable. However, when these arguments give way to verbal abuse, they may have crossed the line into a criminal offense. So can domestic violence be verbal in New Jersey? … Continue reading

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In New Jersey, you need a permit to purchase and possess a firearm. Because New Jersey has some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the United States, you should know whether you might be disqualified from owning a gun … Continue reading

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Arguments among spouses, partners, or family members are not uncommon. When things get heated, sometimes people make unpleasant or hurtful comments they don’t mean. However, these comments can be verbal abuse when these arguments happen repeatedly. Severe cases of verbal … Continue reading

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The legal team at Keith Oliver Criminal Law is proud to announce the launch of their new website, which will help them better defend clients facing a wide range of criminal charges across New Jersey. We secure favorable outcomes against … Continue reading

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Plaintiff Secures Final Restraining Order After Hearing in Somerset County Keith G. Oliver of Keith Oliver Criminal Law was able to secure a final restraining order for one of his clients earlier this week in the Somerset County Superior Court. … Continue reading