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Mercer County NJ Violation of Probation Lawyer

If you are currently facing a violation of probation charge in Mercer County it is crucial that you speak to a lawyer as soon as possible about your options. Judges tend to take violation of probation offenses, just like they do violation of restraining orders, very seriously. When a Defendant is placed on a term of probation in New Jersey it is in essences the prosecutions and Judges way of giving them a break. In leu of sending the Defendant to a State Prison, they decided to give them the opportunity to prove to them that their “conduct” was an abbreviation. So, as you can imagine, if the Defendant violates probation, they may tend to be less lenient then they once were.

Do I need a Lawyer for a Violation of Probation in NJ?

As you will see below, a Defendant can face a violation of probation for a variety of different reasons. As such, ever violation of probation charge is different. An experienced Mercer County criminal lawyer can either seek to attack the States proofs at the hearing or they can seek to explain what may turn out to be misunderstanding between the Defendant and the probation officer. Being able to adapt to your clients needs is essential to being successful at these types of hearings. If you have been charged with a violation of probation in Mercer County, the Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Our team of Mercer County criminal defense attorneys are very passionate when it comes to defend our clients rights. We take a tremendous amount of pride in knowing that our clients are putting their faith and trust in our services. As such, we are dedicated to pursuing every possible angle we can to achieve a favorable outcome for our clients. We have been appearing in courts throughout Mercer County for years now defending clients accused of violating probation.  For more information on violation of probation charges in New Jersey.

How can I violate Probation in NJ?

If you have plead guilty to a crime like aggravated assault, marijuana distribution, theft by deception, possession of heroin or shoplifting and were placed on a term of probation in Mercer County, you were most likely given a list of conditions to follow. Those conditions are normally broken down into two different subsections: the standard conditions and the special conditions. Standard conditions are conditions that are imposed regardless of the Defendant and the facts of their case. Conversely, special conditions are conditions that are imposed for specific Defendant’s for specific reasons. Here is a list of some the most common conditions imposed:

Standard Conditions

  • Failure to report to the Probation Officer as required;
  • Failure to either maintain or seek employment
  • Also, a Defendant is required to report any arrest within 24 hours as well being arrested and charged with a new criminal offense;
  • Failure to notify probation of a change of address;
  • Failure to get permission to leave the state prior to leaving;

Special Conditions

  • Failure to pay restitution of applicable;
  • Failure to comply with a counseling condition;
  • Violating the terms of a no contact order;
  • Failure to pay a fine;
  • Failure to register on Megan’s Law;
  • Testing positive for alcohol;
  • Testing positive for drugs.

Failing to report to your probation officer as required, failing a drug test and a new arrest are the most common ways in which a Defendant violates probation in Mercer County. If you have been charged with a violation of probation, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible about your options.

Can I get Bail on a Violation of Probation in NJ?

Any Defendant charged with violating probation runs the risk of being held in the Mercer County Jail pending a violation of probation hearing without bail. The chances of that occurring drastically increase when a Defendant is picked up on a warrant as opposed to surrendering to their probation officer.

Will I go to Jail for a Violation of Probation in NJ?

When it comes to violations of probations, the standard of proof is not beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead, the standard of proof is by a preponderance of the evidence, which is a much less standard of proof. If a Defendant is found guilty of violating probation in Mercer County the Judge could impose one of the following sentences:

  • Continued on Probation;
  • Impose a term in the Mercer County Jail;
  • Impose a term in a New Jersey State Prison;
  • Extend the term of Probation;
  • Impose a Mandatory Drug / Alcohol / Mental Health Counseling;
  • Terminate Probation Unsuccessfully.

Probation Violation Attorneys in Hamilton NJ

The penalties for a violation of probation can really vary in New Jersey. They can range anywhere from being continued on probation all the way to a State Prison sentence. If you have been charged with violating probation in Mercer County, Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Our attorneys are well aware of what is on the line when a Defendant is facing a violation of probation charge in New Jersey. We serve all of Mercer County, including towns like HamiltonEwingLawrenceEast WindsorWest Windsor, Trenton, Hopewell, Robbinsville and Hightstown. If you would like to speak with one of the experienced Mercer County criminal defense attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law then please contact us at (609)789-0779 or you can leave us an email by clicking the link.