Marijuana Possession Charges Dismissed in New Jersey

Another dismissal of marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges for the Keith Oliver Criminal Law. Our client was arrested and charged with the possession of marijuana under 50 grams and the possession of drug paraphernalia following what the officer’s claimed was a routine community care taking check. According to the officer’s reports, they assert that they noticed “smoke billowing” out of the driver’s side window as they conducted a routine patrol of the street. Based on their observations, they decided to “check” on our client’s well-being. According to the reports, it was at that point in time that it became apparent the client and his passenger had just finished smoking marijuana. The officer’s then began to question the individuals at great length about what they were doing. A subsequent search of the client’s vehicle was conduct and the officers claimed that they had located drug paraphernalia, a “cigar leaf”. After finding the “cigar leaf”, the officer’s again began questioning the individuals again at great length about where the marijuana came from etc. It is at this point in time that our client asserts he actually has a quantity of marijuana located inside his bedroom. The officer then demands that our client take him into his house and show him where the marijuana was located so that it can be seized. At the end of incident, our client is found to be in possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, a grinder and a cigar leaf. So he was charged with one count of possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Once Mr. Oliver was able to go through the discovery, which included the police reports and MVR’s, it was apparent that our client’s constitutional rights were repeatedly violated. Geared with the lack of validity for the initial seizure, the relentless un-mirandized questioning and the lack of proper consent for the search, Mr. Oliver was able to get the charges dismissed outright. As a result, our client was not only able to get the charges dismissed outright but he was also able to apply for an expedited expungement of the underlying arrest. This was crucial, as the client was a senior in college and about to enter the work world. A criminal record for a drug charge could have drastically affected his ability to not only gain but maintain meaningful employment.

Marijuana Lawyers in Middletown NJ

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State v. D.W. 2017

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