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Have you been arrested in Franklin Township? Was it for Simple Assault? Marijuana Possession? Driving While Intoxicated? Disorderly Conduct? If so, you are not alone. The Franklin Township Police Department issued more than 250 indictable offenses (felony), over 650 disorderly persons offenses (misdemeanor) and 55 driving while intoxicated offenses in 2019 alone. Regardless of the offenses charged, if you have unfortunately found yourself facing a criminal or traffic offenses in Franklin Township we strongly urge that you contact an experience criminal defense lawyer to at least learn your options. If you would like to speak to one of the Franklin Township criminal defense attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law then please contact our office at 908-533-1064. We offer free initial consultations, so if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assault Defense Attorneys in Franklin NJ

Facing an assault charge is not something to take lightly. In New Jersey, assault charges are in essence broken down into two different categories, simple assault and aggravated assault. All simple assault charges that are issued in Franklin Township will be litigated in the Franklin Township Municipal Court, which is actually located in Somerville, at 495 Demott Lane. Simple assault is considered a disorderly persons offense, which is New Jersey’s version of a misdemeanor. If convicted of this offense, an individual will be facing up to six months in the Somerset County Jail, a $1,000 fine, probation, community service and court mandated anger management. Conversely, all aggravated assault charges, whether it be a second or third degree, will be transferred from the Franklin Township Municipal Court to the Somerset County Superior Court, which is located in Somerville for disposition. Depending on the degree, an individual convicted of aggravated assault could be facing up to ten years in prison. For more information on simple assault and aggravated assault charges in New Jersey, please click the link.

In addition, if the assault charge is considered a crime of domestic violence, the alleged victim could seek a temporary restraining order (TRO) as well. This would be in addition to the underlying criminal assault charge. For more information on restraining orders in Somerset County, please click the link.

Need a Lawyer for a Disorderly Conduct Charge in Franklin NJ

Disorderly conduct is by far one of the most common charges issued in New Jersey and Franklin Township is no exception. Often coined as the “catch all” offense, disorderly conduct covers a multitude of types of conduct, including but not limited to verbal disputes, minor physical altercations, public intoxication and disturbing the peace. Disorderly conduct is considered a petty disorderly persons offense. As a result, the Franklin Township Municipal Court will have original jurisdiction over the charge. If convicted, an individual will be facing up to 30 days in the Somerset County Jail, a fine up to $500 and a criminal record. For more information on disorderly conduct charges in New Jersey, including potential defenses, please click the link.

Facing a Drug Charge in Franklin Township

It is no secret that New Jersey has been dealing with a drug epidemic for the better part of the last decade and Franklin Township has unfortunately not been immune to it. Some of the most common drug charges that we tend to see charged in Franklin Township include the possession of marijuana under 50 grams, possession of heroin, the possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute and the possession of drug paraphernalia. Unless the drug offense is the possession of under 50 grams of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia, the charges will be transferred from the Franklin Township Municipal Court to the Somerset County Superior Court for disposition. Although the specific drug charge will dictate the exact penalties an individual faces if convicted, the potential penalties can include up to decades behind bars, fines ranging up to $200,000, a felony criminal record, court mandated drug treatment, probation, community service and a loss of license. For more information on drug charges in New Jersey, please click the link.

Franklin Township NJ Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law have dedicated their careers to defending those accused of crimes in courts throughout New Jersey, including in Franklin Township. If you have unfortunately been arrested and are summonsed to appear in the Franklin Municipal Court, we can help. To set up a free initial consultation today, please contact our Bridgewater office at 908-533-1064. We fully understand the stress and anxiety that most are under when they are scheduled to appear in court, therefore, if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.