4lb of Marijuana Being Seized After a Car Stop

A routine motor vehicle stop in Ocean Township last month leads to the arrest of a twenty-eight year old male from Red Bank, New Jersey. It is unclear at this point in time what the basis for initial stop was but when the officers spoke to the driver they learned he had a suspended license. During the inquiry the officers assert that they say a small bag of marijuana on the seat of the car. This is what lead to the initial arrest of both the driver and the passenger. Unfortunately them, it did not end their. A further search of the vehicle was conducted and four more pounds of marijuana was located. The driver of the motor vehicle was arrested and most likely charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and driving while suspended. He was taken to the Monmouth County Jail pending his initial appearance. Under the new bail guidelines, the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office could have filed for a Detention Hearing. If they did, they would be seeking to have the Defendant detained in the Monmouth County Jail, pending trial, without bail. A Detention Hearing could be and always should be contested. Since these charges are felony offenses in New Jersey, they will be litigated in the Monmouth County Superior Court in the Freehold. Conversely, the passenger was arrested and most likely issued a summons for possession of marijuana under 50 grams.  Since his charges were issued on a summons as opposed to a warrant, the Defendant was released on his own recognizance, pending a court hearing in the Ocean Township Municipal Court.

Since the Defendant was caught possessing more than an ounce of marijuana but less than five pounds, he will be charged with a third degree felony. A third degree felony marijuana distribution charge is punishable by up to five years in a state prison and a fine up to $35,000. For more information on how to defend marijuana distribution charges Monmouth County, please click the link.

Marijuana Distribution Charges in Ocean Township NJ

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

Founding partner Keith G. Oliver has a passion for helping people who are caught up in the criminal justice system. He believes that everyone has a right to be presumed innocent, and that one mistake shouldn’t define a person forever. This passion drives Mr. Oliver to tirelessly fight for his clients and pursue the best possible outcome in every case.