Marijuana Distribution & Operating a Drug Production Facility Charges Issued in Hightstown

A false fire alarm leads to a Millstone resident being charged with various different marijuana offenses. The Hightstown Fire Department was called to the 100 block to investigate a fire alarm. Once they arrived on scene, they were able to determine that their was no fire but during their investigation, they smelled the strong smell of marijuana emanating from one of the store fronts. Apparently, the police were notified and based on their observations, a search warrant for the store front was obtained. Armed with a search warrant, the officer’s went back to the store front the next day and conducted a search. During the search, the officers assert that they uncovered a major marijuana operation. Located inside the store front was more than 80 pounds of raw marijuana, a large quantity of eatables, including hundreds of energy drinks, hemp gummies, pretzels, dog biscuits and 3,489 pill bottles containing high grade marijuana. According to investigators, the marijuana uncovered has a street value in excess of $900,000. Also seized during the search was approximately $800,000, which was spread out in more than 25 bank accounts.

The Defendant, a 46 year old male was alleged to have been operating CannaSence, an online marijuana boutique. He has formally been charged with maintaining and operating a marijuana manufacturing facility, which is a first degree felony in New Jersey. In addition, the Defendant is charged with several other drug offenses, including the possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, which is also a first degree felony. The Defendant was taken to the Mercer County Jail for processing but was later released with certain pretrial conditions under the State’s new bail system.

What is Operating a Drug Manufacturing Facility Charge?

Operating a drug manufacturing facility seeks to prosecute anyone who is alleged to have maintained or operated a place that is being used for manufacturing drugs. This offense will be governed under NJSA 2C:35-4. Unlike most other drug offenses, a Defendant charged with operating a manufacturing facility, regardless of the quantity of drugs in question, will be charged with a first degree felony. If convicted, the Defendant must be sentenced anywhere between ten to twenty years in a State Prison, with a parole ineligibility period that shall be set between a 1/3 and 1/2 of the overall term. In addition, a fine of not more than $750,000 can be imposed.  For more information on operating a drug manufacturing facility, please contact our Hamilton office at 609.789.0779.

Hightstown NJ Marijuana Distribution Attorney

If you have been arrested for a crime in Mercer County, the Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Our office defends those accused of crimes like the possession of marijuana, the possession of heroin, the distribution of cocaine and the possession of CDS in a motor vehicle in courts throughout Mercer County. To speak to one of our Mercer County criminal defense lawyers today about your options, then please contact us at 609.789.0779 or email us.

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

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