Will my child have to go to court for a juvenile crime charge?

While some juvenile cases do go before a family court, there are alternative options that your attorney can help you pursue, such as:

  • Informal hearing ─ If your child accepts responsibility for their crime, you could go before a judicial referee at an informal hearing to obtain a judgment and recommended sentence. These will need to be reviewed and approved by a judge.
  • JCC vs. ISC ─ Your child could also go before a Juvenile Conference Committee (JCC) or an Intake Services Conference (ISC). A JCC consists of a group of volunteers, while an ISC is made up of judicial staff. Your child will appear before the JCC or ISC, and the committee will propose a sentence for their crime, such as community service. If the court approves the proposed sentence, your child will not have to stay in a juvenile detention center.

It’s normal to be anxious about your child participating in a formal hearing with a judge. If you wish to avoid family court, our attorneys will work to help you pursue an alternative solution.