DWI Checkpoint in Asbury Park, New Jersey

The Monmouth County DWI Task Force is at it yet again this weekend. They have announced that they will be conducting a DWI checkpoint in the City of Asbury Park on Friday, July 23, 2017. The DWI checkpoint will be a joint effort as the Monmouth County DWI Task Force will be teaming up with the City of Asbury Park Police Department. The purpose of the checkpoint is to detect anyone who may be driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The checkpoint will be in operation from Friday at 10 p.m. through 2 Saturday at 2 a.m.. According to the Brielle Police Chief Michael W. Palmer, who is the Monmouth County DWI task force coordinator, the checkpoint will take place on Route 71 in Asbury Park. Drivers heading south on Route 71 will be ushered by officers from the Asbury Park Police Department into the municipal parking lot to determine drivers’ sobriety. Anyone who is determined to be operating under the influence of either drugs or alcohol will charged with a DWI. They will most likely released to a sober driver with a summons to appear in the Asbury Park Municipal Court to answer for the charges.

Asbury Park NJ DUI Lawyer

The Monmouth County DWI task force has been out and about this summer aggressively trying to combat the number of people driving while intoxicated in the county. Monmouth County as a whole always sees an influx of DWI arrests each and every summer. Whether it be Wall Township, Middletown, HolmdelTinton Falls, Howell or Asbury Park, the number of DUI charges always increase during the summer months. As a result, the number of DWI assault by auto and death by auto also increase each and every year during this time period. If you have been issued a summons for DWI or DUI in Asbury Park, the attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Mr. Proetta, one of the firms founding partners, has obtained rather unique DWI defense certifications over the years. He is a certified instructor of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and a certified administrator of the Alcotest Machine. Those are the two main pieces of evidence used by the prosecution in a DWI case in New Jersey. Having those qualifications allows for our team of Asbury Park DWI defense attorneys to pick apart the states case in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome. If you would like to come into our office and speak to one of our DWI defense attorneys today then please contact us at (732) 858-6959. We are available around the clock to help assist in anyway that we can.

Author: Keith G. Oliver

Founding partner Keith G. Oliver has a passion for helping people who are caught up in the criminal justice system. He believes that everyone has a right to be presumed innocent, and that one mistake shouldn’t define a person forever. This passion drives Mr. Oliver to tirelessly fight for his clients and pursue the best possible outcome in every case.