Domestic Violence Charges Issued in Middletown

Domestic Dispute in Middletown Ends With Suspect Lodged in Monmouth County Jail

domestic dispute between family members in the McGuires Groves Apartment Complex erupts into a nine (9) hour standoff with the Middletown Police Department earlier this week. The standoff began when the Middletown Police Department received a 911 call stating that there was a hostage situation inside the complex and the Defendant was armed with a gun. After nine plus hours of trying to negotiate with the Defendant the police were able to secure the safety of the two alleged hostages. Once the hostages were released, the Middletown Police turned up the heat on the Defendant.  The decided to deploy several smoke bombs and stormed the apartment. After a brief period, the police department emerged with the Defendant in custody. The Defendant, a thirty-nine year old male was placed under arrest and taken to the Monmouth County Jail.
According to the Asbury Park Press, in all, the Defendant was charged with the following crimes:

Detention Hearings in Monmouth County New Jersey

The Defendant remains in the Monmouth County Jail pending what is known as a Detention Hearing. Due to the severity of the charges the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office will most likely file for what is known as a Detention Hearing. Under bail reform, if the State files for a Detention Hearing at the Defendant’s Central Judicial Processing Hearing or anytime there after, a hearing must take place to determine whether or not the Defendant can be released on bail pending trial. If the State is successful during this motion, the Defendant must remain in the county jail, without bail, pending trial. In order to detain a Defendant, the State must show by clear and convincing evidence that:

  • The Defendant is a Danger to Society;
  • The Defendant will fail to appear in Court;
  • The Defendant will obstruct the prosecution of their case.

These hearings can and always should be contested. Due to the very nature of the Defendant’s charges (Contempt of Court, Obstruction & Hindering), the State will almost certainly be filling for a Detention Hearing.

Middletown NJ Resisting Arrest Lawyers

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For more information on this incident, please checkout the APP’s article labeled Middletown standoff: Suspect charged, stalemate began as family dispute.

Author: Keith G. Oliver

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