Defendant Charged with Distributing Cocaine, MDMA, Marijuana, LSD & Mushrooms in Hunterdon County

The Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office has announced that they have arrested and charged a twenty year old from High Bridge with various drug offenses following a somewhat lengthy investigation. It appears that the investigation started out in early September and lasted until October 5th when the Defendant was finally arrested. Based on the information released at this point, it appears that this was a joint investigation by the Lebanon Township Police Department and the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office Gangs, Guns & Narcotics Task Force. The Defendant is alleged to have been distributing a cache of drugs throughout the area, including LSD, MDMA, Cocaine, Marijuana, Marijuana Edibles and Psilocybin Mushrooms. It is unclear at this point in time whether the Defendant was distributing the drugs to a confidential informant or an undercover officer but it is clear that the Defendant was observed one way or another conducting drug transactions.

According to, the Defendant has been charged with various second degree drug distribution offenses. These are very serious offenses, if convicted the Defendant is facing up to a decade in prison on each second degree charges. He was taken to the Somerset County Jail, since Hunterdon County no longer has a county jail. He was eventually  released on certain pretrial conditions and is scheduled to appear in court in the near future.

Are Drug Distribution Offenses a Felony in NJ?

Regardless of the type of drug in question, all drug distribution offenses will be considered felony offenses. The specific degree of the felony will be dictated mainly by the quantity of the drug seized but the location of where it is seized (i.e. park zone or school zone) could lead to additional charges as well. In order for the Defendant to be charged with a second degree felony drug distribution offense, it must be alleged that he possessed at least 1/2 ounce of cocaine, LSD, MDMA or Mushrooms but less than 5 ounce or that he possessed more than five pounds of marijuana but less than 25 pounds. For more information on drug distribution charges, including the potential penalties if convicted, please click the link. Since the charges are felony offenses, the case will be transferred to the Hunterdon County Superior Court, which is located in Flemington. Furthermore, since these are felony offenses, the Hunterdon County Prosecutor Office will retain jurisdiction over the case. For more information on how to defend a drug distribution case in New Jersey, please contact our office at 908.533.1064.

Hunterdon County NJ MDMA Distribution Lawyer

Being accused of a crime is a scary thing for most. Not knowing where to turn or who to trust only adds to an already stressful situation. That is why at Keith Oliver Criminal Law, we take a tremendous amount of pride in being able to work close with our clients so that we can guide them through this stressful time. If you have been arrested and accused of the distribution of heroin, the possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, the possession of cocaine or any other drug offense for that matter, in Hunterdon County, Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. If you would like to speak to one of our Hunterdon County criminal defense attorneys today about your options, then please contact us at 908.533.1064.

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

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