Defendant Accepted into PTI on Gun Charge & DWI Charge Dismissed

Keith Oliver Criminal Law just finished representing a client that was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, driving while intoxicated as well as countless other motor vehicle violations. The charges originated from a serious motor vehicle accident that dated back to 2017. When the officers arrived on scene they located our client, who was seated on ground next to the car and he was profusely bleeding from his forehead. Due to the severity of his injuries our client was taken to the hospital. A subsequent search of our client’s motor vehicle was conducted by the officers and a bb-gun was located in the center console.

Once at the hospital our client’s blood was drawn and it was determined that he had a blood alcohol content of .13%. Based on their findings, our client was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon in the third degree, driving while intoxicated, failure to wear a seat belt, reckless driving, traffic on unmarked lanes and careless. Since the unlawful possession of a weapon is a felony offense, all of the charges had to be transferred from the local municipal court to the county superior court for disposition.

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Upon obtaining discovery it was evident that the officers had violated several of our clients constitutional rights which included his right to remain silent as well as his right to be free from unreasonable search and seizures. After months of litigation, which included motion practice, we were able to secure our clients admission in the Pretrial Intervention Program on the unlawful possession of a weapon charge. Once the criminal charges were resolved, the underlying motor vehicle violations were remanded back to the local municipal court for disposition. Once we appeared in the local municipal court we were able to convince the prosecution that they could not prove operation, which is the an essential element for all moving violations, including driving while intoxicated. As a result, the prosecution agreed to dismiss all motor vehicle violations. So at the end of the day our client went from facing up to fives years in a state prison on the unlawful possession of a weapons charge as well as up a year loss of license on the driving while intoxicated charged to being placed in a diversionary program for a term of one year. Provided our client is able to remain arrest free for the next year the felony criminal charges will be outright dismissed. This is a tremendous outcome for our client since a conviction could have ultimately lead to him being deported based on his citizenship status.

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

Founding partner Keith G. Oliver has a passion for helping people who are caught up in the criminal justice system. He believes that everyone has a right to be presumed innocent, and that one mistake shouldn’t define a person forever. This passion drives Mr. Oliver to tirelessly fight for his clients and pursue the best possible outcome in every case.