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There is a huge misconception out there that traffic offenses are “no big deal”. Not only do some traffic offenses on their face carry some serious penalties, including mandatory licenses suspensions but more often than not, they will carry potentially serious collateral consequences to. The point system in New Jersey that the Division of Motor vehicle has instituted can be crippling at times. If a Defendant gets too many points in a short time period they can be facing a mandatory license suspension through the Division of Motor Vehicles, increased insurance surcharges and even a court ordered licenses suspension. If you have been charged with driving without insurance, driving while suspended, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while intoxicated, speeding or reckless driving in Somerset County, the attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Our attorneys have been appearing in courts throughout Somerset County for almost a decade now. We serve the entire county, including Bridgewater, Bedminster, Bernards, Hillsborough, North Plainfield, WatchungBound Brook and South Bound Brook. If you would like to speak to one of our Somerset County traffic defense attorneys today about your options then please contact us at (908) 533-1064. We can go over the specific facts of your case and we will give you our honest feedback on how we think we can be of assistance. Do not make the mistake of thinking that traffic offenses are no big deal. The point system in New Jersey adds up quickly. A license suspension from the division of motor vehicles is very difficult to overturn. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, our initial consultations are free of costs.

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The attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law treat every cases like it is our only cases. We are well aware that no two clients let alone no two cases are the same. As such, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our skill set to fulfil our client’s needs. Whether that be a trial, a probable cause motion or negotiating a favorable plea deal. Some of the most common traffic violations that we defend clients accused of in courts throughout Somerset County include but are not limited to:

What to Know about Traffic Violations in New Jersey

New Jersey Does Not Allow for Moving Violations to be Expunged

Unfortunately, New Jersey does not allow for individual’s to expunge their driving record like they can with their criminal case history. In other words, once a traffic conviction occurs, it will never be removed, regardless of the conviction. With that being said, if an individual remains offense free for twelve consecutive months, three points will be removed from their abstract by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Furthermore, when it comes to DWI convictions, if the individual goes 10 years between conviction and the new offense, then they would be entitled to a Step-Down. Since DWI’s are enhance-able offenses, this means that they would be treated as if it was one offense less. However, it is important to note, that even if these events occur, the convictions are never vacated and will still remain on their drivers abstract.

Can the Judge Impose Points on My License if I Pled Guilty to a Traffic Violation?

The Court does not have the authority to assess any traffic points if an individual is convicted of a traffic violation in New Jersey. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is the agency who dictates how many points an individual will get on their drivers license for a conviction of a traffic offense. The amount of points that an individual receives is statutorily set and cannot be negotiated. To checkout whether or not you will receive points for a specific motor vehicle offense, please click here.

Do I have to Appear in Court for a Traffic Ticket?

Not all traffic violations will require a physical appearance in Court in New Jersey. However, the more severe offense will require an actual court appearance. Certain offenses like driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while suspended, driving without insurance and passing a school bus will mandate that the individual appear in Court to answer for the charges. For other low level offense, the individual’s do not have to make physical appearance in Court and can simply pay the ticket online. We never recommend doing this, as by simply paying the fine can result in the issuance of points on your license and in some cases, can result in insurance surcharges being issued.

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If you have been issued a summons for speeding, driving while suspended, driving while intoxicated or any other traffic offense for that matter in Somerset County, the attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Our attorneys are well aware of not only the direct but the collateral penalties that some of these traffic offenses carry in New Jersey. As such, we can guide you through the process and make sure that they are not any surprises at the end of the day. If you have been charged with a traffic offense in Somerset, Warren, Franklin, Somerville, North Plainfield, Bound Brook or Branchburg, we can help. If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation today with one of our attorneys then please contact us at (908) 533-1064.