Princeton Domestic Violence Attorney

Arrested and Charged with Domestic Violence in Princeton

Even though Princeton is one of the more affluent municipalities in all of New Jersey, it is certainly not immune to its fair share of domestic violence cases. As one would imagine, being involved in a domestic dispute is not something to take lightly. New Jersey as a whole, which includes Princeton Township, takes domestic violence incidents very seriously. So you can rest-assure that whenever law enforcement is called to the scene to investigate a domestic violence allegation that they will always error on the side of caution. Therefore, if there are any signs of injury or a struggle it will almost always lead to whoever is determined to be the aggressor being placed under arrest. That is regardless of whether or not the victim wishes for that for that to occur. As you will see below, anyone involved in a domestic dispute could find themselves not only being charged criminally but also served with a temporary restraining order.

Domestic violence incidents are always emotionally driven and tend to be extremely stressful. In addition, more often than not, since the alleged victim is normally a loved one, most charged tend to feel an even higher level of stress as they cannot lean upon their loved ones for support. If you have been arrested for a crime of domestic violence like simple assault, harassment, stalkingterroristic threats or served with a temporary restraining order in Princeton, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We have been defending those accused of domestic violence in towns throughout New Jersey, including Princeton Township for a decade now. If you would like to set up an initial consultation today, please contact our office at 609-789-0779. As always, our initial consultations are free of costs, so if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Facing a Domestic Violence Charge in Princeton

Were you placed under arrest, hauled away from your home in handcuffs and placed in a jail cell over a domestic violence incident in Princeton Township? Was it for a verbal dispute? Was it for a physical altercation? If so, you will now be forced to appear in either the Princeton Township Municipal Court or the Mercer County Superior Court, Criminal Division to answer for the charges. The specific court which you will be summonsed to appear in will depend upon the specific charge(s) that have been levied against you. All disorderly persons offenses, which is New Jersey’s version of a misdemeanor, will be litigated in the Princeton Township Municipal Court, which is located at 400 Witherspoon Street. Conversely, all indictable crimes, which are also known as felony offenses, will be transferred from the Princeton Municipal Court to the Mercer County Superior Court for litigation. Some of the most common domestic violence charges that we see issued in Princeton Township include but are not limited too: assault, terroristic threat, stalking, harassment, false imprisonment, cyber-harassment and criminal mischief. For more information domestic violence charges in New Jersey, please click the link.

Served with a Temporary Restraining Order in Princeton NJ?

Have you been served with a Temporary Restraining Order? Removed from your home? Forbidden from contacting your children? Had your firearms seized? Although these conditions are technically temporary, they could very well become permanent if a Final Restraining Order is entered. In order for a temporary restraining order to become a permanent order of protection in New Jersey a formal final restraining order hearing must be conducted. During this hearing both parties will be required to put forward whatever evidence they may have as well as call upon any witnesses. It will then be up to the judge to decide if a final order of protection is necessary to protect the victim from future acts of domestic violence. These hearing are in essence mini-trials and as such, we strongly urge that you speak to an experienced domestic violence defense attorney about your options. Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey are permanent and unlike almost every state, they never expire. These hearings will be heard in the Mercer County Superior Court, Chancery Division, Family Part. It is important to note, that a restraining order can be in addition to any potential criminal charges.

Need to Speak to an Attorney about Restraining Order in Princeton Township?

The attorneys at Keith Oliver Criminal Law fully comprehend the ramifications a final order of protection and/or a criminal conviction can have on someone’s life. If you have unfortunately found yourself in this type of situation and would like to speak to one of our attorneys about your options, then please contact us directly at 609-789-0779. One of our attorneys would be glad to sit down and discuss all your options and formulate a game plan that works best to suit your needs.