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By far one of the most common criminal charges issued in all of New Jersey, let alone Mercer County, is possession of marijuana under 50 grams. This offense is the only drug specific charge under the entire criminal code that is considered a disorderly persons offense, which is New Jersey’s version of a misdemeanor. With that being said, this is a very serious offense, one that if not handled properly could subject a Defendant to significant consequences, including jail time as well. If you or someone you know has been charged with possessing marijuana under 50 grams in Mercer County, in towns like HamiltonEwingTrentonLawrenceWest Windsor or Robbinsville it is imperative that you speak to an experienced marijuana possession criminal defense lawyer. This offense is one of only two offenses under the entire New Jersey Criminal Code that does not all for plea bargaining. The other offense is driving while intoxicated. Therefore, it is crucial that you speak to an experienced Mercer County possession of marijuana defense lawyer about your options as soon as possible.

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Keith Oliver Criminal Law has been representing clients accused possessing marijuana under 50 grams in courts throughout Mercer County for almost a decade now. Although some surrounding states have either decriminalized or in fact legalized marijuana, New Jersey has not. Law enforcement throughout the state continues to take these offenses very seriously. If you would like to speak to one of our attorneys about your options, then please contact us at (609) 789-0779. Our attorneys will examine the State’s proofs and point out any and all defenses in which we think we can explore. As always, our initial consultations are free of costs, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Now here is some more information on the offense of possessing marijuana under 50 grams, including the potential penalties as well.

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2C:35-10(a)(4) Possession of Marijuana under 50 Grams

Individuals of all ages get charged with possessing marijuana under 50 grams in New Jersey. However, there is a significant number of individuals under the age of twenty-one that find themselves facing this charge in Mercer County. That is probably do in large part to the number of universities in Mercer County, including Princeton University, Rider University, the College of New Jersey and Mercer County Community College. Regardless of the situation and the age of the individual, a conviction for a possession of marijuana under 50 grams charge can be devastating. The State will attempt to prove possession under a one of the following theories: actual possession, constructive possession or joint possession. If the State is attempting to prove possession under the constructive or joint possession theory, it could open the door for an experienced drug possession defense lawyer to attack. If you would like to discuss the facts of your case with one of our attorneys then please contact us at (609)789-0779. Now here is a breakdown of the potential penalties that one faces if convicted of possessing marijuana under 50 grams in New Jersey.

What are the Penalties for Possessing Marijuana under 50 Grams?

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10a(4), the possession of marijuana under 50 grams is a disorderly persons offense. A Defendant convicted of this offense will face the following penalties:

  • Up to a 6 Months in the Mercer County Jail;
  • A Fine up to $1,000;
  • A $500 Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction Penalty (DEDR)
  • $75 Safe Neighborhood Penalty;
  • $50 Victims of Violent Crimes Penalty;
  • $50 Lab Fee;
  • $30 Law Enforcement Organization Penalty;
  • Criminal Record;
  • Up to a 6 Month Loss of License.

Will I go to Jail for Possessing Marijuana in NJ?

With that being said, New Jersey has created a diversionary program known as the Conditional Discharge Program that certain Defendant’s may be able to take advantage of. This is a program whereby if the Defendant completes a probationary period without violating any of the terms, then the underlying charges will be dismissed outright. For more information on a Defendant’s eligibility, please contact one of our experienced Mercer County marijuana possession defense lawyers.

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As you can see, this is a very serious offense and one that if not handled properly could drastically affect one’s future. If you have been charged with the possession of cocainepossession of drug paraphernalia, the possession of heroin or the possession of CDS in a motor vehicle in Mercer County, then we can help. Our office has been appearing in courts throughout Mercer County, including courts like the Ewing Municipal Court, the Lawrence Municipal Court, the East Windsor Municipal Court, the Princeton Municipal Court and the Robbinsville Municipal Court for over a decade. Our attorneys possess the experience and skill set needed in order to protect your rights. To speak to one of our attorneys today about your options, then please contact us at (609) 789-0779.