Trenton Police Charge City Resident with Eluding & Aggravated Assault

A wild police chase through the City of Trenton ends with two being booked in the Mercer County Jail. According to the reports, the chase originally began when officers patrolling near North Clinton Avenue observed a Toyota Minivan that was reported stolen during a carjacking a week earlier. The Defendant initially pulled over but when the officer exited his vehicle, he floored it and fled the area. Other assisting units quickly located the minivan near Olden Ave. It was at this point that the Defendant struck his first police cruiser. The Defendant continued to flee and didn’t stop until he crashed into his fourth cruiser near Stockton Street.

Charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer in Mercer County?

The Defendant, a twenty-three year old city resident was initially taken to the hospital for treatment before he was taken and booked in the Mercer County Jail. According to the Trentonian, the Defendant was formally charged with several counts of aggravated assault on a police officersreceiving stolen propertyeluding as well as various different motor vehicle violations. The passenger in the vehicle was arrested as well and charged with receiving stolen property.

Eluding Police Charge in New Jersey

The Defendant is facing up to a decade in prison on the eluding charge alone plus up to five years in prison on each aggravated assault on a police officer charge. In addition, the Defendant may face additional charges including unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. The weapon in this case would be the stolen minivan. The Defendant was only charged with receiving stolen property and not theft of a motor vehicle or carjacking as their doesn’t seem to be any indication that the Defendant was the one who actually committed the carjacking / theft.

Criminal Lawyer in Trenton, New Jersey

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

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