Hillsborough Police Searching for Alleged Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom on the Loose in Somerset County

According to Somerset County Prosecutor, Michael Robertson, the Hillsborough Police Department has been actively seeking an individual whom the believe has been seen multiple times throughout the last few months peeping into windows and back doors of local residences homes. To make matters worse, the individual is not just peeping into the windows but it is alleged that he is nude, except for a black wig, shoes and some form of clothing that is used to cover his face.

The suspect was first observed on September 14th around 10 p.m. at the back door of one of the residents on Triangle Road. He was then spotted again on the first of November at around 7 p.m. outside of the window of a home on Meadowbrook Drive. During this incident the homeowner contacted the Hillsborough Police Department but by the time they arrived the suspect had already fled the scene. Two other similar incidents were reported back in July of this year but at this point in time the authorities are unable to confirm or deny whether the incidents are related.  Unfortunately, the authorities have not only been unable to capture the suspect but they haven’t been able to positively identify the suspect as well. At this point in time they are releasing a photo of the suspect which was captured off of one of the homes security system in hopes that someone will be able to identify the suspect.

What Crimes Could the Peeping Tom be Charged with?

If the suspect is ever apprehended by the Hillsborough Police Department, they could end up charging him with several criminal offenses including but not limited to lewdnessharassmentendangering the welfare of a childtrespassing and even possible attempted burglary. Based on the nature of the charges, if the suspect is apprehended and charged, he will more likely than not be taken to the Somerset County Jail, pending a detention hearing. During this hearing the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office will be seeking to convince the Judge that the Defendant must be detained in the county jail, without bail, pending trial.

Criminal Lawyers in Hillsborough NJ

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

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