Police Charge Man with Trespassing in Hillsborough

Facing a Trespassing Charge in Hillsborough, New Jersey?

The Hillsborough Police Department has announced that they have arrested and charged a man with several criminal offenses, including trespassing following an incident that occurred near Auten Road. According to the information that has been released at this point in time, the Defendant, a thirty-one year old male is alleged to have been following a young girl near Auten Road while she walked her dog. To make matters worse, once the young girl noticed that the Defendant was allegedly following her, she cut her walk short and quickly entered her home and locked the door. Unfortunately, that did not deter the Defendant, according to the reports, the Defendant then attempted enter the home, first by ringing the door bell and when that didn’t he allegedly shook the handle to see if the door was locked. Upon noticing that the Defendant at her door step the young girl quickly contacted the authorities and they were able to apprehend the Defendant just a short distance away.

What is the Bail for a Trespassing Charge in NJ?

When authorities apprehended the Defendant the determined that he also had to active warrants. He was taken into custody and formally charged with criminal trespassing as well as obstructing the administration of justice. He was taken to the Somerset County Jail where he remained detained. It is unclear whether he was formally detained based on the new charges (i.e. trespassing and obstruction) or for the outstanding warrants. He will most likely be scheduled for his Central Judicial Processing (CJP) hearing. During this hearing he will be advised of the charges levied against him as well if whether or not the prosecution will be seeking to file for detention. If the prosecution is seeking to file for detention a formal detention hearing must be set. During this hearing the prosecution will be seeking to convince a Judge that the Defendant must be detained in the county jail, without bail pending trial. For more information on detention hearings in Somerset County, please click the link.

What is the Sentence for Trespassing in Hillsborough NJ?

Trespassing is one of those hybrid offenses, meaning that it can either be considered a disorderly persons offense, which is also known as a misdemeanor or an indictable offense, which is also known as a felony. In that case above since the Defendant attempted to enter into a dwelling he will be facing the fourth degree indictable offense. If convicted he will be facing up to eighteen months in a New Jersey State Prison as well as a fine up to $10,000. For more information on trespassing, including any potential defense, please click the link.

Trespassing Defense Attorneys in Hillsborough

If you or a loved one has been charged with trespassing, obstruction of justice, burglary, criminal mischief or any other offense for that matter in Hillsborough or elsewhere in Somerset County, Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. When it comes to mounting a successful defense to criminal charges it is absolutely imperative that you first understand the nature of the charges, applicable penalties and potential defense. If you would like to set up a free initial consultation today, please contact our Bridgewater office at 908-533-1064. One of our attorneys would be glad to go over the specific facts with you and discuss any potential defense which we may see.

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