Police Sergeant in Franklin Township Charged with Armed Robbery

A Franklin Township police sergeant was arrested last week following a bizarre string of events. The Defendant, who is a part time firearms retailer and trainer as well, was arrested and charged with numerous felony offenses in his hometown of Southampton. The incident started when the Defendant and another driver got into a heated argument over the alleged “erratic manner” in which the Defendant was driving. The argument continued as the two drove down the road until they stopped at which point the Defendant allegedly drew a handgun and pointed it at the other driver and demanded that he turn over his wallet. After that, the other driver (victim) got back into his vehicle and attempted to flee the area but the Defendant followed him. During the pursuit, the Defendant is alleged to have struck several vehicles as well. The pursuit continued until the New Jersey State Police arrived on scene. Once on scene, they placed the Defendant under arrest and formally charged him with armed robbery in the first degreeaggravated assaultpossession of a weapon unlawful purpose and driving while intoxicated. It appears that the Defendant has been suspended without pay as the State police continue to investigate the incident.

Armed Robbery Charges in New Jersey

The crime of robbery can either be a first or a second degree felony offense in New Jersey. The difference between the two is basically whether or not the allegations allege that the Defendant “attempts to kill, or  purposely inflicts or attempts to inflict serious  bodily injury, or is armed with, or uses or threatens the immediate use of a  deadly weapon”. In the above case, the Defendant is charged with a first degree armed robbery because it is alleged that he used a handgun in order to commit the theft (the wallet). If no handgun was used, more likely than not, the Defendant would only be facing a second degree felony offense. The difference between the two degrees could be a decade worth of the Defendant’s freedom. A first degree armed robbery conviction would subject a Defendant to a ten to twenty year jail sentence. For more information on robbery charges, please contact click our New Jersey robbery defense practice area or contact our Bridgewater office at 908-533-1064.

Somerset County NJ Robbery Defense Attorneys

At Keith Oliver Criminal Law, we fully comprehend the stress that most feel when they are charged with a crime, especially something as serious as armed robbery. If you have been accused of robbery, burglary, eluding, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon or any other criminal offense for that matter in Somerset or Hunterdon County, we can help. Our office has been defending those accused of crimes in courts throughout New Jersey, including courts throughout Somerset County for the better part of the last decade. If you would like to come into our office to discuss your options with one of our criminal defense attorneys today, then please contact us at 908-533-1064. As always, our initial consultation are free of costs.

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

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