Endangering the Welfare of a Child Charges in Trenton

According to nj.com, a Trenton resident was arrested late last week following a bizarre situation in which he called upon his eleven (11) year son to complete the drive home because he was to intoxicated. Based on the information that has been released at this point in time, it appears that the Defendant initial picked up his eleven year old son at his grandmother’s home in Hamilton prior to heading home to Trenton. Once the Defendant entered into the City of Trenton is when he asked his eleven year old son to finish the drive. At that point in time the boy called his grandmother asking for help. When the grandmother arrived, she noticed the Defendant was passed out next to his vehicle, smelling like alcohol and covered in vomit. Based on her observations, the grandmother decided to call the Trenton Police Department and notify them of the situation. When they arrived on scene they decided to call the Defendant an ambulance. The Defendant was taken to the hospital and blood was drawn to determine his blood alcohol content, which came back over the legal limit.

The Defendant was arrested and formally charged with among other things, driving while intoxicated and endangering the welfare of a child. The endangering the welfare of a child charge is a second degree felony offense in New Jersey because the child in question was the Defendant’s own child. Although the DWI is a traffic offense and would otherwise be handled in the Trenton Municipal Court, since the Defendant is charged with an endangering the welfare of a child as a result of a DWI both charges will be sent to the Mercer County Superior Courthouse to be prosecuted. For more information on how to defend an endangering the welfare of a child as a result of a driving while intoxicated charge in New Jersey, please click the link. Since the endangering is a second degree felony offense, the Defendant is facing up to a decade behind bars for this charge.

Criminal Lawyers in Trenton New Jersey

As you would imagine, these are very serious offenses in New Jersey and one’s that tend to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law based on the very nature of a child being involved. If you have been issued a complaint for driving under the influence, assault by auto, criminal sexual contact, sexual assault or any other offense for that matter, the Keith Oliver Criminal Law can help. Our Mercer County criminal defense attorneys serve towns like LawrenceHamiltonEwing, Robbinsville, Hightstown, Princeton, Hopewell, East Windsor and West Windsor.

Author: Keith G. Oliver

Founding partner Keith G. Oliver has a passion for helping people who are caught up in the criminal justice system. He believes that everyone has a right to be presumed innocent, and that one mistake shouldn’t define a person forever. This passion drives Mr. Oliver to tirelessly fight for his clients and pursue the best possible outcome in every case.