Man Accused of Committing Aggravated Assault

Charged with Aggravated Assault in Middletown NJ

A fight at McMahon Park in Middletown on Friday ends with one man being taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune and the other being taken to the Monmouth County Jail in Freehold. Based on the reports that have been released so far, the Middletown Police Department first received a call around 4:30 reporting that two men were involved in a fight at McMahon Park and then shortly thereafter another call came in indicating that someone was stabbed during the fight. However when the officers arrived on scene the two main parties involved in the fight already left the scene. Officer were quickly able to locate the suspect who was stabbed during the fight and they were able to secure him treatment, which included an ambulance ride to Jersey Shore Medical Center. The individual was treated for a stab wound to the torso and released.

The second individual involved in the fight was quickly located as well once officers learned the make and model of his vehicle. He was apprehended by Patrolmen Maguire, placed under arrest and charged with aggravated assaultunlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose and terroristic threats. He was taken to the Middletown Police Station for processing and then taken to the Monmouth County Jail where he awaits his Central Judicial Processing Hearing. At this hearing the Defendant will be required to enter his initial plea on the charges and he will be informed if the prosecution is filling for detention. If the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office files for detention a formal detention hearing will scheduled and during this hearing the prosecution will be seeking to convince a Judge that the Defendant must be detained pretrial, without bail, pending trial. Once his detention hearing is conducted the Defendant will next be scheduled for his Pre-Indictment Conference. During this hearing the prosecution may seek to offer the Defendant a favorable plea in order to resolve the case in a relatively quick fashion but if not, the prosecution will present the case to the Grand Jury and proceed through the traditional court proceedings.

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Author: Keith G. Oliver

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